Metal Clay Workshops

Virtual Metal Clay Classes

 All of my classes are currently delivered live on Zoom, with a recording available to re-watch, and are categorized as follows:

 Beginner – all the basics and then some; understanding metal clay properties; what it can and cannot do; creating with strength & proportion; embellishing & refining; how firing works.

 Beginner Plus -  beyond the basics, but not too far; creating dimension on flat and curved surfaces; texturing all around; layering; metal clay bezels.

 Intermediate-Project Classes – closed hollow forms (spheres, boxes, etc.), open hollow forms (cylinders, barrels, etc.), mokume gane in metal clay.

Additionally, private classes for any aspect of working with metal clay are available upon request.

All of my classes are kept small for lots of individual attention. Additionally, private classes for any aspect of working with metal clay are available upon request.

Classes currently available:  

a) Short version – 3 hours comprised of information, instruction and demonstrations, Q & A, and a half hour follow-up session for questions & concerns that arise from after-class working with clay.

 b) Long version – 6 hours, sometimes over 2 days, a project-focused class with participant work-along during and after the class. If a second day is required, any finishing and refinement will be completed, explorations of student’s work and remedies provided for any problems encountered during    in-class work time or after class private work time.

As well, a tools list will be sent prior to the class. Finishing methods will be demonstrated and written instructions provided.


   Intro to Metal Clay                                                    The hows and whys of Metal Clay will be explained so that you have a working knowledge of how to work with this wonderful medium. Metal Clay takes texture very well and we will experiment with a wide range of texturing methods. You’ll learn how to mix powdered clay or condition packaged lump clay, including how to re-condition stored clay that has dried out. As well, I’ll show a simple technique for determining when your clay is just right and ready for use. Bails and finishing methods will be demonstrated.

    A Riot of Bails                                                              This class will focus on the many methods of constructing bails, both separately and added on, and constructed right into the body of a piece, understanding proportion and design principles. Bail construction and specialized tools will be demonstrated.

   Leaves, Tendrils & Granulation                             This class explores using templates and textures to create realistic, decorative or symbolic leaf shapes in the creation of earrings and pendants.  Techniques include the creation and application of tendrils, granulations and framing.

   Creating your own Texture Template                      Do you think you can’t draw?  This is a fun and inspiring workshop, whether you actually have drawing ability or not, will show you how to create your own designs and patterns for metal clay.  Whether you prefer freeform or repeating patterns, you will learn a variety of methods for creating a texture tile unique to you.  We will explore various methods of creating patterns, then transfer to scratch foam board, and stabilized so that it can be used again and again for metal clay. Other alternative methods for creating more permanent tiles will also be discussed or demonstrated.

Beginner Plus

   Create a Metal Clay Quilt                                         This class explores mixing metal clays and textures to create quilt-like jewelry, both framed and unframed. We will also explore how patina can deepen the contrast between clays and darken the recesses, and highlighting textured areas.

   Bracelets in Metal Clay                                           This class will illustrate a variety of methods for constructing metal clay tubes and tiles and connecting them to form bracelets.  This class will focus on a variety of bracelet options and connection methods, from simple to more complex.  Several variations will be demonstrated. Bracelets can be constructed to accommodate elastic, toggle or magnetic closure. 

   Cuff Bracelet                                                            This class outlines how to measure for a cuff bracelet accounting for wrist measurement and clay shrinkage. Bracelet will be textured, embellished and fired flat. After firing, the bracelet will be formed around a mandrel.

  Spool & Barrel Beads                                         This class explores the creation of overlapping and butt-joined, hollow tubes. Various end treatments will be demonstrated. Textures, surface, bails and dangles will be demonstrated.   

  Adjustable Rings                                                      We will explore two methods of ring construction in sterling silver metal clay, formed in the wet state, and the other designed, textured and fired flat and formed around a mandrel after firing. You will learn appropriate ring textures and embellishments, as well as adjusting for clay shrinkage rates.  This size-adjustable ring is a good introduction to the process of ring making.


  Hollow Forms in Metal Clay                               The strongest form in nature is the sphere and in this workshop you’ll learn why, and how to make non-sphere forms just as strong.  You’ll learn how to construct an internal architecture that prevents any shape from sagging.

   Pendulum Pendants                                           Three methods of creating pendulum-shaped pendants will be demonstrated. We will also explore a variety of bail attachments and decorative finishes, granulation, and the use of snakes both functionally and decoratively.

    Wearable Essential Oil Diffuser                                      In this class we will create a decorative container for a wick onto which essential oils can be dropped, providing personal aromatherapy throughout the day. Various design approaches and methods of attaching lids and chain will be explored.