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About LizReynoldsStudio

LRS jewelry weaves together textures, techniques and influences spanning distance and time. Patterns and textures derived from nature combine with designs reminiscent of timeless woodblock carving and traditional metalwork, as well as contemporary adornment. I work primarily in silver and bronze Metal Clay embellished occasionally with gemstones. My background includes ceramics and textile arts.

What is Metal Clay? Powdered metallurgy, or the combining atomized particles of metal - silver, bronze, copper or steel - with an organic binder and water, creates a form of malleable metal, or what is now known as metal clay. It's a fairly recent entrant into the world of jewelry fabrication and allows for a wide variety of processes. Techniques familiar to metalworking combine with pottery hand-building methods, and then through heat, transform the work into solid metal.

My work is for sale here on this site, and if you are interested in workshops on various aspects of working with metal clay, from a beginner introduction to more advanced work, please contact me at LizReynoldsStudio@gmail.com.

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