Liz Reynolds

Metal Clay Artist, Instructor - Hadar’s Clay Accreditation, 2011


I am an artisan jeweller and metal clay jewelry instructor.

Over the course of my life, my two primary modes of artistic expression have been clay and textiles. In the distant past, I studied pottery privately and glaze chemistry at the Ontario College of Art and for a number of years thereafter made my living as a potter.

Later, with a position in the textile department of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) I vastly widened my exposure and appreciation of textiles as a medium of cultural expression. 

 In 2004, I discovered metal clay. I was thrilled by the possibilities of constructing my work using pottery hand-building techniques, adding pattern and texture associated with textiles, and then transforming the result into a variety of metals.

 I have studied metal clay with local artists and internationally-known masters of this medium including Hadar Jacobson and Wanaree Tanner.      

 I am an accredited instructor for Hadar’s Clay, although my repertoire includes a wide variety of silver and base metal clays. I have been teaching classes in metal clay in the Toronto area since 2010.