About Liz Reynolds Studio

I love Metal Clay!  I love its properties and pliability and adaptability to shape and texture. I even, sometimes, love its unpredictability. The characteristics of metal clay are endlessly inspiring, and I share my enthusiasm with those who may want to explore this medium through my workshops ....more about that below.
Liz Reynolds Studio jewelry weaves together textures, techniques and influences spanning distance and time. Patterns and textures derived from nature combine with those reminiscent of woodblock carving and traditional metalwork, as well as original design. I work primarily in silver and bronze Metal Clay embellished occasionally with gemstones. My background includes ceramics and textile arts.
My work is for sale here on this site, and if you’re interested in workshops on various aspects of working with metal clay, from a beginner introduction to more advanced project-focused work, please contact me.  I teach in-person workshops in the greater Toronto, Canada area, or almost anywhere online. 
I am an accredited instructor for Hadar’s Clay, although my repertoire includes a wide variety of silver and base metal clays, and I am a member/instructor of the Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide (AMCAW).
I have been teaching jewelry workshops in the Toronto area since 2010.
You can reach me at LizReynoldsStudio@gmail.com